What is eHive?

What is eHive?
It’s a website where anyone can explore more than 600,000 objects from museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the world. The collections on eHive include art, artefacts, books, photographs, specimens, and more.

More importantly: “eHive is a web-based collection cataloguing system. Our system is used worldwide by hundreds of museums, societies and private collectors to catalogue objects, store images, manage acquisition information and publish their collections online.
eHive: Collect it. Connect it. Show it to the world!”

How to use it:
Once you are on the webpage you can just hit the ‘Explore’ tab and you’ll see ‘Recently added objects’, ‘Popular objects’ or ‘Featured categories’.

Or it the Search tab and you can find specific objects and information about them. For example- enter ‘Trench Art’ and see what comes up. You will find more than 3000 objects to view!
Better yet – enter ‘Geoffrey McLaughlin’ and see what comes up.

Or hit the ‘Collection’s tab and images of tempting Museums and Galleries are ready for you to venture into.

Who uses EHive?
Here in the Blue Mountains you can explore “The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection” and the “Tarella Cottage Museum Collection” (early days – more images and information coming soon).

Just search for ‘Tarella Cottage Museum on eHive’ and you will find us.

One fun way to find out who else uses eHive is to add a dash of serendipity and enter just a word such as ‘Kookaburra’ or ‘Ballarat’ and see what pops up.
Here is the link to eHive