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Library Collection Opens Doors to the Past

Our library has over 5,800 items – mainly books, historical journals and magazines. Over the years, the Library has sought to collect as many publications as possible that relate to all aspects of life in the Blue Mountains – not just our social history but also our anthropology, geography, flora and fauna.

While the emphasis of the collection is on the history of the Blue Mountains, from the history and culture of the original Aboriginal inhabitants, to the early crossings and the establishment of the villages and towns through to the present time, the Library also has extensive coverage of colonial history and the early history of the districts surrounding the Mountains.

Of particular interest is the Library’s collection on bushwalking and the development and history of the walking tracks for which the Blue Mountains is both famous and popular. The Library is divided into a reference section and a general section. Membership enables people to borrow from the general section.

Historical Local Publications

The Library also has a large collection of local newspapers, including early issues of The Blue Mountains Advertiser, The Mountain Gazette, The Blue Mountains Echo and an almost complete collection of Blue Mountains Gazette from 1980 to the latest issue.

Library at Research Centre

Historical Photos

We have a vast collection of the photos and images dating back to the late 1800’s. Photos are available for members to review. Access can be provided to those that require it. Please email or call us to gain access for research purposes.


We accept donations of the historical books, journals, magazines, images, that represent historical significance the the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. For all donations please send us and email with photo and description.

Slides of family photos donated