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A Hub for Blue Mountains Historians & Enthusiasts

Nestled within the heart of the Blue Mountains, Hobby’s Reach Research Centre stands as a beacon of knowledge and preservation, inviting visitors to embark on a journey through the region’s rich and storied past. With wheelchair accessibility ensuring inclusivity for all, the center boasts a vast repository of historical treasures, meticulously curated to offer insights into the people, places, and events that have shaped the Blue Mountains’ identity.

Housing over 10,000 local history archives, 5,000 historic photographs, and a comprehensive library stocked with books on Australian and regional history, Hobby’s Reach serves as a invaluable resource for researchers, architects, publishers, estate agents, and the wider community alike. Whether delving into the archives, perusing the library’s shelves, or exploring the extensive collection of maps and newspapers, visitors are guaranteed to uncover a wealth of fascinating tales and invaluable insights into the Blue Mountains’ vibrant heritage.


Research Room hours are:

Tuesdays & Fridays from 10am until 2.00pm

Documents can be copied on site. Copies of photographs and other images can be ordered.

Comprehensive Library

At Hobby’s Reach Research Centre, our library serves as a vital repository of knowledge, housing over 5,800 items that encompass books, journals, and magazines. While our primary focus is on the Blue Mountains’ social history, our collection extends to anthropology, geography, and beyond. From the cultural heritage of the region’s original Aboriginal inhabitants to the establishment of villages and towns, our library offers a comprehensive exploration of the area’s evolution over time. Additionally, our archive includes extensive coverage of colonial history and the early development of surrounding districts, providing insights into the broader context in which the Blue Mountains emerged.

Divided into a reference section and a general section, our library caters to a diverse audience of scholars, enthusiasts, and the general public. Membership grants access to our general section, allowing individuals to borrow and explore the wealth of knowledge contained within our shelves. 

Historical Local Publications

The Library also has a large collection of local newspapers, including early issues of The Blue Mountains Advertiser, The Mountain Gazette, The Blue Mountains Echo and an almost complete collection of Blue Mountains Gazette from 1980 to the latest issue.

Archive of Blue Mountains Gazette Issues

Historical Photos

We proudly house a vast collection of photos and images dating back to the 1900s, offering a fascinating glimpse into the past of the Blue Mountains region. Our archive is a treasure trove of visual history, encompassing snapshots of daily life, iconic landmarks, and significant events that have shaped the area over the years. Members have the privilege of accessing these photos for review, providing invaluable resources for research and exploration.

For those who require access to our photo collection for research purposes, we offer assistance in obtaining the necessary permissions. Simply reach out to us via email or phone. 

Property & Family Research Services

Discover the past with our research services. From house histories to local personalities, we delve deep into history’s mysteries. Plus, we specialise in identifying objects and places from old letters. Join us on a journey through time. 

Slides of family photos donated 


We accept donations of archival materials, historical books, journals, magazines, images and other objects which have historical significance to the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. For all donations please send us an email with photo and description.