Join us in preserving and celebrating the rich history of the Blue Mountains.

Join the Historical Society as a Member

Become a part of our vibrant society dedicated to preserving history and sharing it with our community. The Blue Mountains Historical Society welcomes locals and enthusiasts alike, offering a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas.

As a member, you’re encouraged to engage in the diverse activities of the Society, including:

  • Monthly meetings featuring presentations and talks by subject matter experts.
  • Regular member excursions, scheduled almost every month (some costs apply for excursions).
  • Bi-monthly digital copies of our Hobby’s Outreach Newsletter.
  • Access to and borrowing privileges from our extensive library.
  • Opportunities to meet and socialise with fellow members.

Volunteering opportunities available for those who wish to contribute further:

  • Participate in various historical research projects.
  • Assist in cataloging documents and artifacts held by the Society.
  • Help maintain the Society’s buildings and grounds.
  • Support catering efforts during meetings and open days.
  • Guide visitors through Tarella on open days.
  • Contribute to planning and conducting excursions.
  • Serve on the Management Committee or in one of its roles.

Membership Fees & Renewal


Membership fees are payable to commence your membership. Members who join later in the year (past 1st July) or early in a new year may be eligible for a discounted fee covering the period until the next 1st of July.

You can download our Code of Conduct and membership form, which includes volunteer information and a pro-rata fee schedule. The membership form provides guidance on how membership fees can be paid.


Renewals are due on the 1July each year, regardless of the joining date.

Existing members click link below to complete membership form along with payment to ensure we can update any changed details promptly.

New Member Information

Research Centre & Library

The Hobby’s Reach Research Centre, operated by the Society, welcomes visitors every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, from 10 am to 2 pm, with the exception of a brief hiatus during the Christmas/New Year period. During these hours, members are engaged in research activities, curating various collections, and addressing historical inquiries


Regular monthly meetings and informative talks occur on the first Saturday of each month, running from February to November. These gatherings are held in the Society’s Meeting Room, providing opportunities for members to engage in discussions and expand their historical knowledge.


Explore the Tarella Cottage Museum during our Open Days, which are held from 10am to 3pm on the last Sunday of every month, except for December. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region and discover the stories behind its artefacts and exhibits.


Join us on exciting excursions of historical significance, scheduled for most months. Stay informed about upcoming excursions through the Society newsletter – Hobby’s Outreach and the Events section of our website. Experience firsthand the heritage and culture of the Blue Mountains on these memorable outings.