Library – Latest Acquisitions

107.05 – The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony 1788-1817 by Stephen Gapps

The Sydney Wars tells the history of military engagements between Europeans and Indigenous Australians – ‘this constant sort of war’ as described by one early colonist – around the greater Sydney region. The author was guest speaker at the BMHS 1 February 2020 meeting.

104.04 – The Convict Valley – The bloody struggle on Australia’s early frontier by Mark Dunn

Interweaving the Aboriginal, convict and mining pasts of the Hunter Valley, this book reveals the missing and misunderstood complexities of these histories. The author was guest speaker at the BMHS Zoomcast 7 November 2020.

147.20 – The Pursuit of Wonder by Julia Horne

This book follows colonial tourists to reveal how Australia’s landscape was explored, nature discovered and tourism unleashed. It contains many beautiful photographs and illustrations and forms part of the Ian Jack Collection.

146.25 – This Ain’t The City – Explorers Guide to the Blue Mountains by #lostmtns Team

Containing spectacular photographs of our beloved Blue Mountains National Park, this book provides a guide to hidden locations, local legends and secret spots.

206.17 – The Life and Loves of Mark Foy by Jim Smith

Through access to family photographs, letters and records complementing material accumulated through his own researches, Jim gives, for the first time, a comprehensive history of the eccentric entrepreneur.

400.45 – Glenella and Blackheath – Stories of a Stately House, its People and its Town by Wayne Hanley

With great enthusiasm and the contribution of many from Glenella’s past and present, not to mention many hours of research, interviews and verification, Wayne brings us the story of one of Blackheath’s iconic establishments and the people whose lives were bound to it.

260.68 – Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

Dark Emu argues for a reconsideration of the ‘hunter-gatherer’ label for pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians, giving evidence that Aboriginal people across the continent were using domesticated plants, sowing, harvesting, irrigating and storing.

032.08REF – Historical Guide to New South Wales by Phillip Simpson

Hot off the presses, this comprehensive gazetteer is an essential reference for historians, geographers, genealogists, historical archaeologists and heritage consultants. It comprehensively records the history and development of all identifiable past and present New South Wales settlements and localities.

450.13 – Romancing the Inns on the Western Road by Juliette Palmer-Frederick

Since Cox and Mitchell and Whitton engineered the road and rail link with the City, there have been thousands of tales about the inns or hotels built for the passing parade on the Western Road. From Prospect, up the Lapstone hill, and heading westwards through lower, mid and upper mountains villages and towns then down to Hartley and Bowenfels, the author has gathered history and anecdotes about many the public houses and compiled them into this delightfully illustrated book. Another acquisition from the Ian Jack Collection.

131.09/15 – /17REF – The Birth and Romance of Blackheath by A. J. Hillier

Donated by Springwood Library, this 3 volume set contains copies of the researches, workings and notes that comprise the manuscripts of Arthur J Hillier. Volume 3 contains the full version of The Romance of Blackheath as published in the Blue Mountains Advertiser during 1946.