The Old Fire Screen Mystery at Tarella

There is a mystery around the large metal fire screen which is usually found in Tarella’s Old Kitchen.
A 1990 register of this item states that the screen is c.1930 and was owned by Beryl McLaughlin. It is part of the collection we call “McLaughlin Estate”, however there is every possibility it may have belonged to Beryl’s sister Ida Lane who had a house in Leura called “Koolewong”.

Ida McLaughlin married Harold Lindrea Lane in 1927, Beryl designed their Leura house and included an apartment for herself; it was built in 1933. Did the screen originate from Koolewong- then going to Tarella when Ida and Beryl returned to live there in the 1950’s?

The MYSTERY however is that the 1990 record states the screen was produced by Paul Sorensen but no evidence can be found that landscape gardener extraordinaire Sorensen produced metalwork such as this.

What do you think? Have you any knowledge about this mystery? Perhaps the screen was purchased from Sorensen or was a gift from him when working for the family or working nearby in Wentworth Falls?
How could it be connected to Paul Sorensen? Have you ever seen anything like it? Please let us know.
The screen measures 109cm X 26cm, the images attached show it on the hearth in the Old Kitchen and a close up of the metal work.

We’ve also put this mystery out into the far reaching realms of Facebook and Instagram and we’ll let you know what comes back to us.