The Art of Water Tank Sliding at Tarella

Tarella’s old water tank has probably been in place since the cottage was built about 130 years ago. We’ll never know why it was positioned close against the wall and chimney or why there was no thought of possible reasons to get behind it one day.

Over the past century, the tank blocked corner could not be painted, aging boards could not be repaired and garden debris could not be cleaned out.
Today – Tuesday 16th February 2021 – the tank was given a gentle pull to slide it away from the corner and onto a newly prepared half base.

As you can see, there were four handy members at work plus one handy motor vehicle with a front electric winch. Many thanks go to Wayne Hanley for the planning and new base. Thanks also to John Pike, John Hill, and Jim Esgate with his vehicle.
Importantly this corner (here and inside the cottage) can at last be restored.

Straps in place.
Attach to the winch.
Pull, push and slide
New position
Restoration ahead
Restoration ahead
Decades of debris
A neat fit on prepared new base
Thumbs up from a happy man – Wayne Hanley