Tarella Cottage Looking Charming Inside & Out

Volunteers Wayne Hanley and Linsi Braith continue their work to ensure that Tarella Cottage is leak free and looking charming both inside and out.

The Kitchen Garden view from the “Tarella Sunroom Gallery”.

This large window (and guttering above) has received extra attention to ensure NO MORE annoying WATER LEAKS occur inside.

Leaky spots were found, old putty removed and fresh putty applied.
Hopefully, this problem wont be seen again!

New carpet was installed in the Sunroom Gallery on Friday January 4th 2022.

Exhibition Manager Ross Ingram and Images Curator Ted Szafraniec can now commence their exciting 2022 exhibition lineup for visitors to enjoy as soon as Tarella Open Days return.

Thank you to Jamie and Chantel at Blue Mountains Carpet and Flooring for smooth, good looking results today!

The front and side veranda have been painted… and you know there’s just no better way than using a paint brush to ensure each board is thoroughly coated.

Wayne at Work.

The Tarella Dining Room has a new, lighter, decorative rug beneath Ida Lane’s dark dining table.

(Ida McLaughlin married Harold Lindrea Lane)

This table is oval, with walnut veneer top on Australian cedar.
By Andrew Lenehan / J G Raphael, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1869-1870.