Winter Magic- John Ellison

Winter Magic – John Ellison
Interview by Nigel Glassey, 8th July, 2021.
John Ellison conceived and drove the inaugural Katoomba Winter Magic Festival. 1994.
Additional input at the end by Lyn Harrison

John Ellison as the Wizard of Winter Magic, with Lyn Harrison.

The very first Winter Magic Poster. 1994. By John Ellison.

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I particularly enjoyed John and Lyn’s contribution


Yes, I was fortunate enough to be there from the beginning.
My name is Schelie Nielsen known as Dr Klutz- a street performing mime and clown artist that participated for the next 4 years before moving to Europe.
I also established the Flaming Ferrels- Fire Twirling Group. We use to practice in Hinkler Park 2 or 3 times a week.
Thank you for those life changing inspirational days. It was a joy and pleasure to be part of such an artistic creative, supportive and accepting family.
Ironically I just got kicked out of the church as Youth Pastor the year before for having an affair.
The Winter Magic Festival were the most creative times in my life and a community I was deeply involved with.


Hail, the Wizards of Winter. As it came closer to the end, there was criticism that it had grown too big! I used to laugh and recommended that it extend its audience into Leura and Medlow Bath to perhaps take the load of Katoomba Street. By the time 89 girls dressed in green were dancing in Carrington Square, it had left this world and turned the Mountains into a realm of intense imagination and creative activity. It gave us all such confidence and a sense of real purpose.
My Praise to John Ellison and Lyn Harrison. If there was and Medal Order of Australian Wizards, you would have it.


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