Ron Wheeler Interview

Interviewee : Ron Wheeler

Context / Auspice: BMHS​Digital copy of original tape recording;

Interview recording with Ron Wheeler
Time from Recording Commencement ( mins. )Subject or Topic discussed
0.00Ice Works
0.30Location of ice-works – Cascade St. Katoomba
1.00Nepean Milk & Ice operated / owned 4 plants in Blue Mountains in 1940’s
1.30Depots at Springwood, Lawson, Katoomba, Blackheath
1.45Process of ice making – use of brine – 28 lbs standard block size
3.05Delivery trucks used by Ron
3.30Loading of trucks
4.10Areas of delivery by Ron – Blackheath, Medlow Bath, Mt. Victoria
4.30Poultry farm – family business
5.10Nature of free range farms for poultry
6.10Period of having Ice Run – became uneconomic
6.40Interesting experiences – free beer at Gardner’s Inn Blackheath – this hotel used / brought ice up to 1966
7.45Hydro Majestic at Medlow Bath had its own ice making plant
8.20Names of hotels taking ice deliveries
8.40Domestic encounters experienced during deliveries
9.10Use of ice chests
9.50Blackheath – hot day, old lady collapsed on floor,ice dripped onto her
10.05Poultry farm – 25 years – at Blacktown in 1930 – finished 1968
10.30Selling of eggs – washing, grading
11.50Use of poultry by Citrus growers- problems arising
12.35Moving from Blacktown to Wentworth Falls
12.50Father during WW I
13.101,000 chooks required for minimum economic viability in 1930’s
Time from Recording Commencement ( mins. )Subject or Topic discussed
13.50Size of cages for chooks
14.251936-1940 – houses present in Ron’s street at Wentworth Falls
15.252 acres size of property
15.40Shopping centre details in 1932
16.25Examination of map / photos? – war memorial – Coronation Ave ?
17.15Clothing / TV shop – 1957’s fires – Plantation Rd. Wentworth Falls
18.151947 Church of Christ – Antique shop
18.35147 buildings lost in 1957 fires
19.00No bushfire brigades allowed in 1957 – illegal
19.35No experience of loss by Ron during 1957 fires – not even a fence post, over 60 years
20.00Rail bridge, Blaxland Rd Wentworth Falls
21.00Dramatic changes over time seen by Ron – sealing of roads
21.20Changes in Katoomba – banks
21.40GWH changes