WW1 Berrima Guard Carved Shields

Over recent months while Tarella Cottage Museum has been closed to the public due to Covid-19, rooms have been emptied of collections in order to allow for wall restoration and painting.
Many museum objects have not been handled or moved like this since the cottage first opened in 1994, and as the painting is now finished, its time for objects to be returned to rooms and cabinets.
For all objects, especially the very unusual and significant ones in the care of the Tarella Curator & Volunteers, this is the perfect opportunity to inspect, clean, restore, photograph and document.
The photograph below shows 2 objects known as Berrima Carved Shields that have recently received special attention by being cleaned and polished. More importantly they are now more appropriately presented by holding portraits of the Berrima Guard whose name is inscribed first on the shield’s list.
1916 Cpt. Stoddart and 1915 Lieut. Dibbs

Berrima District Historical & Family History Society Inc. has generously assisted with information and photographs.
The 2 shields held at Blue Mountains Historical Society were donated in 1968 by Mrs. Grace Duff; her husband was Sre. Duff – a Guard listed on the 1915 shield.

The 1916 and 1915 shields ready to go back on display
The 1916 Guards with Cpt. Stoddart in the center back position
The previous condition of the 1916 shield