Welcome 2021.

Today – Tuesday January 12 – the Blue Mountains Historical Society unlocked the doors and welcomed 2021. Like all Australians, we hope that 2021 will be, in all ways, much better than 2020. Mainly that we will see an end to Covid-19, less worry, better health, more freedom to be out enjoying things more and more. Fingers crossed!
Members, visitors, and new members are again welcome to be at the Blue Mountains Historical society… keeping in mind that all current Covid-19 rules must be followed. Here is a link in case you need to know:
“What you can and can’t do under the rules-
Follow the rules around gatherings, and stay safe whether you are working, visiting family and friends, or going out.”

Tarella Update.

Getting Tarella into top shape remains a priority, new guttering is arranged and the work of moving the concrete lined water tank continues.
Photographs from the 1920s show that the tank was positioned close against the wall and chimney near the front south side of the cottage.
You can see that it collected water from the bullnose veranda, that there wasn’t a downpipe from the roof guttering above, and that the higher guttering ran behind the chimney – to just one downpipe at the other end of the building.

Tarella water tank c1925

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
It’s been impossible to get to the corner behind the tank where a build up garden debris is causing timber to rot, so what to do? Many ideas were discussed, all but one were rejected. The tank must be kept intact- therefore it must be (slightly & gently) moved!

Leaving just enough space for working between the tank and the wall, the plan is to slide the empty tank onto part of a newly established base, then complete the base underneath the tank… What do you think of this idea?
The new base will be very appropriate, you can see skilled workmanship by Wayne Hanley in this second photograph.

Tarella 2021 with new tank base being established for a slight move away from the cottage wall and chimney. Highly appropriate stone work.

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