Restoring the rooms of Tarella Cottage – during Covid-19 in 2020.

During the months that Covid-19 causes much of NSW to be in a shut down mode and with personal distancing regulations in place, Tarella Cottage Museum can not be open to the public on the usual last Sunday of each month, nor can tour groups visit during the week. This is unfortunate for the Blue Mountains Historical Society as Open Days and Tour Groups earn financial support for the cottage and the society.

However, the closed months are the perfect opportunity for just 2 people to work carefully within the cottage at packing and moving room contents, prepping, then repainting faded, chalking and peeling walls in each room. In addition there is restoration or repair of windows, doors, door fittings, and numerous other elements that make Tarella so special.

Photographs are being taken of each step through this 2020 restoration, in turn small slide show videos are available to give a glimpse of a very special time in the history of this 130 year old cottage.

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