PDF Downloads

The Travelling Table by Carolyn Williams

A tale of ‘Prince Charlie’s table’ and its life with the
MacDonald, Campbell, Innes and Boswell families in
Scotland, Australia and England, 1746-2016

War 100 years ago by Peter Rickwood

With the Centenary of the start of World War I just past it is timely to reflect on some of the immediate effects of the declaration.

The Paragon, Katoomba – McLaughlin Lecture, March 2014 by Prof. Ian Jack

Ian Jack talks about one particular café, its local setting, wider ethnic context, aesthetics and archaeology.

Biography of Dr William Bell by Lois Sabine

Follow William BELL, medical practitioner, coroner and vaccinator from his birthplace in Newry, Ireland to a new life in Australia.

Photographic Timeline by Ted Szafraniec

A chronology of Photography

Sydney Rock Book Review by Peter Rickwood

Stockton, E.D.(editor) (2013) Sydney Rock on the Ways to the West.