Online shop – Adding and Editing Products

Here is how to add products to our Woocommerce Online Shop.

Go to Products » Add New page to add your product (alternatively if you are wanting to edit an existing product go to Products » All Products then scroll down to the product you want to edit. Hover over the title and then click the Edit button which appears.)

Provide a title for your product and a detailed description.

Click on the ‘Add new product category’ link in the right side. You need to use (or create a new) category for your product.

Using Categories means your shop visitors can find the products that they are interested in.

Next, scroll down to the ‘Product Data’ box. Select the product type, add product pricing, shipping, and other information.

Scroll down and you will see a product short description box. Make this short and informative. This will be seen on various pages in your shop.

It is important to use a product image. You can have more than one image with an image gallery for each product. To do this scroll down the right side column until you get to section labeled “Product Image”.

First, you need to add the main product image. This will be the image which appears in most pages of the shop. You should scan or size your image to be around 600 pixels wide or 1000 pixels tall. The WooCommerce shop software will then create a set of image sizes to use on different pages. Below that you can put in more images for your product image gallery.

Check everything you have done so far. If you are happy you can make this product live. Click on the Publish button up on the top right side.