Old Government House excursion

Unfortunately our excursions have been postponed due to Covid-19. Here is one we did to Old Government House Parramatta.

Report by Robyne Ridge

We began our visit through the front door: important visitors
for governors Hunter, Macquarie and Brisbane especially.

The plates gave brief biographies of
people who could have used them.

Indian clothes were on display because of
Governor Macquarie’s Indian connections.

Two different beds on display.

Our guide, Kevin, leads us in a lesson.

The classroom.

Our tour of the dining room showed us how well
the ruling class lived even in the 1820s.

Clothes from the period were on display.
The white dress in the far right was
actually worn by Governor King’s daughter.

Inspecting their kitchen was interesting.
It is a bigger room than our Old Kitchen but fairly similar.

A collection of Indian spices
as used during Macquarie’s time.

Settee for relaxation.

Drawing room.
The Kings School used it for accommodation
for many years.

Our alphabet chart.

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