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    Rob Thompson

      The WordPress system we are using at BMHS has 2 types of content.
      A “POST” is designed to be just a short news type story.
      A “PAGE” is designed to be longer, more in depth and more permanent.

      If you have created a great PAGE with lots of information you might make a POST like this.

      Post Title: My New Page.
      I have been working on the history of the Blue Mountains. It is a fascinating. CLICK HERE to check my new page out!

      Linsi Braith

        When you write a post, then press Publish, where does that post appear on the web page?
        Does it appear in Latest News?

        I’ve written news about Tarella’s linoleum floor Covering and want it to go to Latest News.

        Rob Thompson

          Yes it will be listed on the Latest News page.
          Also on the home page it will be in the bullet list under “Recent News Posts”.
          Don’t forget that you have the option to have a “Featured Image” which will be displayed at the top of your post in the “Latest News” page.

          Rob Thompson

            It is also worth considering how you are going to integrate your website posts and pages with Facebook.

            Facebook is a great way to get messages out there and circulating but the real goal is to drive traffic to our web site.

            As a Historical Society we want to funnel people to our articles, stories and online shop. We want to promote a serious understanding of history….. not just a Facebook “Wow! look at that…” and then move on type culture.

            So basically, it is good to bung up the info on Facebook but make sure it is linking to stuff that is already up on our web site.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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