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    Rob Thompson

      This item was found by Ed Elliff at the bottom of Govett’s Leap/Bridal Veil Falls about 10 years ago.

      Front view above and back views below.  The object appears to be made of silver or an alloy, finely detailed and with a braided silver wire strap.  Perhaps some sort of military/horse decoration or strap for a hat or boot. One broken end appears to clamp onto a piece of leather strap and the other end is torn and frayed silver wire.  It is quite flexible so appears to be designed for movement and wear. As the photos show, this strap is approximately 18cm long.  There is a cross insignia on the joint that seems to connect a leather strap to this silver piece.

      Some rudimentary Google-ing suggests it could be early 1800s vintage related to military decoration.

      Linsi Braith

        Hello Rob and Ed. I put this request to the Blue Mountains Historical Society Facebook page and there have been some prompt responses such as those copied below. When I first saw the image I thought ‘Asian Silver Belt’. I hope this helps you Ed. Linsi.

        John – Looks like a middle eastern origin bracelet, if you post more pics I can give a better assessment.

        Allison – Have you tried asking the British Museum through their FB page? Or the V&A? I’ll bet one of their curators will know what it is.

        Roz – It looks like a section of a sari belt worn to tuck the sari into.

        Tina – What a strange object, Looks older than any of the great wars.

        David – Interesting. Any makers marks on clasp

        Belinda – Looks like an antique belt from India/Persia. (Many show up with a Google search)

        Benjamin – At first glance I thought decorative horse tack but not convinced. Not sure, but the silver braids would have also been on the other side coming from that hinge.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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