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Linsi Braith

    Hello Rob and Ed. I put this request to the Blue Mountains Historical Society Facebook page and there have been some prompt responses such as those copied below. When I first saw the image I thought ‘Asian Silver Belt’. I hope this helps you Ed. Linsi.

    John – Looks like a middle eastern origin bracelet, if you post more pics I can give a better assessment.

    Allison – Have you tried asking the British Museum through their FB page? Or the V&A? I’ll bet one of their curators will know what it is.

    Roz – It looks like a section of a sari belt worn to tuck the sari into.

    Tina – What a strange object, Looks older than any of the great wars.

    David – Interesting. Any makers marks on clasp

    Belinda – Looks like an antique belt from India/Persia. (Many show up with a Google search)

    Benjamin – At first glance I thought decorative horse tack but not convinced. Not sure, but the silver braids would have also been on the other side coming from that hinge.