Building the Katoomba Coal Mine 1878 – 1882

Chapter Three – Building the Railway Siding. In 1882 J B North was setting up “The Shoots”, the area where the coal from his mine in the Jamison Valley would be transshipped into NSWGR rail trucks to be railed to Sydney.

Katoomba Coal & Shale Company Lease

John Britty North leases all his mines, beds, seams, measures and strata to the Company along with the right to erect and demolish plant and cut and sell any timber on the land. Dated 2/11/1881 numbered 128748.

Reverse Engineering the Bleichert Ropeway

Haulage rope diagram

Ian D’Arth of Australian Winch and Haulage P/L offered to do the calculations on loads, track ropes and catenaries. He has based his calculations on field measurements and satellite data. […]

Katoomba Scenic Railway

History in Power Point. A short history of Katoomba’s famous Scenic Railway is now available under Members Projects.

Katoomba Scenic Railway

A brief history of Katoomba Scenic Railway in Power Point format. 1: Click on the Power Point picture below. 2: when it is finished loading click on the icon for […]