Alan’s test page

Power settings

Run SysCoolPol.reg and Add_Maximum_processor_state_to_Power_Options.reg to add these options to Power Options

PowerShell (Admin)

      powercfg /a  indicates hibernation is enabled

powercfg /h off

Power options>Create a power plan – PowerCfg

Power options>Choose what the power buttons do

Power options>…Power button action: Sleep


Dir Opus 12.10

Don’t tick “Disable display scaling…” in Dopus.exe properties

          Restore config from previous installation. Includes toolbars and shortcut keys.

Go to computer (2nd icon on vertical toolbars). If a device called alan@bunyipmusic(belmont) appears, R-clk & remove

Menus are .dop files in AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Buttons

          Toolbar images copied to C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Images


this is the caption

To boot from a USB drive

Shut down your Surface.

Insert the bootable USB drive into the USB port on your Surface.

Press and hold the volume-down button on the Surface. While you’re doing this, press and release the power button.

The Microsoft or Surface logo appears on your screen. Continue to hold the volume-down button. Release the button once spinning dots appear beneath the logo.

Follow the on-screen instructions to boot from your USB drive.