A lucky sunny December 13th sees a new back roof commence on Tarella Cottage.

The specialist roofing team started early by stripping off the old sheets of tin and exposing the condition of all beneath. Evidence of a 1930’s fire could be seen, also possum nesting spots among the insulation.

Decades of dust and debris!

Two of the old tin sheets have different makers stencils. These will be kept of course.

Next came repairs to beams so that the new long sheets would fall elegantly towards the guttering.

A piece of old Tarella carpet was retrieved from an exposed corner of the main roof attic.

Another textile pattern to identify! What decade might this be from?

Once the beams were right, down went new insulation and up went new sheets.

Perfect lengths!

Then, calculated and cut perfectly, up went the side flashing.

Weather permitting, work continues this week.

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