Scenic Railway Souvenir Booklet from 1940

Front cover of the Scenic Railway Souvenir Booklet. Printed on soft card and stapled. Hand coloured and black and white images of the Mountain Devil passenger car, the incline and text of the history of the Coal Mine.

This download of a Scenic Railway Souvenir Booklet from 1940 was gifted to us and is in pristine condition. Katoomba Colliery produced this booklet when they were carrying passengers on the Scenic Railway on weekends and holidays, while hauling coal during the week.

Steam was used to haul the 15 seat passenger car in these photos which was christened “The Mountain Devil” and introduced to service in 1934.

Fred Gull was the conductor in the coat, tie and hat. Fred was the blacksmith and ostler for the Coal Mine. When the Mine was sold in 1945, Fred became a full time conductor with Gus Benham.

Some of the information in these pages has since been proven to be incorrect, but that always happens in History.

“Wally” Green of Greens Souvenirs probably produced the booklet. “The Floodlit Scenic Railway” is one of his photos. Wally lived in Lurline st. Katoomba. His house is now a boutique hotel “la Maison”. The booklet is “three colour” printed on blue card, with black, brown and green. Cleverly, the blue card suggests a background of the mountains behind the Three Sisters. The pages are arranged so that the coloured pages are on the same sheet, as are the B/W images. This simplifies the printing process.

The “Mountain Devil” motif of the dancing devil with his trident was used to make the famous Mountain Devil dolls from pipe cleaners, the seed pods from Lambertia formosa being used for his head.

An image of a Mountain Devil doll, made from Lambertia formosa seed pods.  Flicka.
Mountain Devil Doll.

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